A Letter From The Editor

Hi Everyone!

This is Kenneth. I should come up with a cool name for all of my readers, subscribers/followers, and supporters… Nah that would be kind of corny I respect you all as people too much for that – plus it is a little off brand for this blog.

My last post was on March 12th 2022 on “5 Ways to Make Yourself More Confident“. Hopefully you noticed I was away for four months going on five. I feel like there is always something, and I promise that is not intentional.

I treat my website as if I am engaging with a large dedicated audience because that is my goal and vision for this website. That being said, what is required of me to cultivate that type of following and loyalty is among other things, consistency. The challenge that I have been subjected to is my inability to remain consistent for one reason or another.

Here is where in my immaturity would have blamed a bunch of other people for things they did or did not do however, I recognize now that I cannot depend on others to do for me what I am not willing to do for myself. I am not talking about support in its various forms, I am talking about accountability. I consider myself accountable to you, but I also need to be accountable to my content.

What I create is important. If I continue to create quality content then I know quality people will show up. Sometimes you have to flow in a certain space and sometimes you have to create the space that you want to flow in. I am not in the space that I want to flow in. It is easy to say that, that is someone else’s fault; when in fact the ownnes is on me.

To that end, for those who care, Life with Ken is still here and it is preparing to come back – again, and prayerfully for good this time.

I had to step away because of life, which is the historical norm. But now I am in a place where life is leading me back to this place. I am going to need a few more weeks but I have a plan. The value of a plan is that it gives you somewhere to start.

I am writing and sharing this letter to inform you that I am still here. Prior to the rebrand of becoming “Life with Ken”, this blog was “My Black Perspective”. When you downgrade your wordpress – of which I had to do for financial reasons, they strip your website down to the bare bones. I had my website on private because I felt shame that my website underwent that type of fall.

I knew my content was and still is good, but the aesthetic was disheartening. Today I am deciding not to sit on the sidelines any longer. In a later post I will explain my decision to comeback more but, in objective prayerful consideration the thought process was: “what is the point?”.

If there is a take away for someone from this era of Life with Ken I would say its to not give up. No matter how easy it may be, or how much sense it may make, pray about it – if that is what you do, or at least sit with it for as long as you can to make the most subjectively logical decision possible. That is what I did and am doing.

I left the website in its original state prior to me investing in it, so what you see is what you get. I will be doing a soft relaunch so the website will have a fresh coat of paint in due time. All of my content is still here so please enjoy. I set the website back to public because in all honesty there is nothing to be ashamed of.

I always try to encourage reader interaction so feel free to leave a comment or email me. There will be some other forms of interaction coming down the pike but I do not wish to get ahead of myself.

I look forward to continuing to create content for you that encourages and inspires you to be a better version of yourself every day. Life with Ken is a lifestyle brand designed to help you live a life reflective of who you really are, while doing so being connected to me, Ken, via this website, my course, my coaching services and whatever else that ends up coming out of this journey.

I started this website so that I can journey with others; and for others who want to journey with someone else. Being a part of Life with Ken is deciding to not do life completely alone or in a vacuum/silo. I want to help you grow because there was a time in my life when I wanted people who were invested in my growth. I am well versed in being/feeling unsupported so if I can, through this website or otherwise, be the stop gap for someone else lacking support I would be immensely humbled and grateful.

Until the next one

Kenneth Wyche