Food for Thought #3 – Head On

I was in church this past Sunday and my pastor taught this powerful word on the topic “Through the Fire”. One of the things he said that spoke to me was along the lines of, stop running away from the fires in your life, instead use them as indicators for areas of your life that you need to lean into. I thought this idea to be interesting because I would categorize myself as a runner.

I tend to runaway from things that do not go my way. Not because I’m not up for the challenge, quite the opposite actually. If I am running away from something that means eight times out of 10 I probably put a whole lot of energy into that thing and failed; and while I have no qualms with failing, I do have a problem with being a repeat offender. I refuse to fail at the same thing twice because if l fail once I’m not giving that thing a second chance. I have an all or nothing mentality and do not believe in consolation prizes.

That being said, this sermon on Sunday made me consider changing that approach to failures in life. Especially because I’ve found that, there are somethings in life that I’ve failed at, that l could not get away from, and instead had to persevere through. This is not to suggest that somethings are not worth letting go/turning away from; but rather maybe, instead of high tailing it out of a situation as soon as things start turning south, we take a moment to really observe what is happening.

My pastor also said that our purpose is found in the fire. In other words, if instead of running, if we lean in and face whatever challenge is prevailing in our life head on, we will be better for it and once we get through it we’ll understand why it happened in the first place.

The notion of running from challenges and not facing them head on, may be hindering some of us from growing in certain areas of our life. I want to encourage us to face that obstacle head on and I believe if we do, we’ll be better for it.

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