Why I am a Christian

My faith is an important part of every aspect of my life. Humans can sometimes forget who they are, spirituality is what reminds us. And when I say spirituality I am not referring to it as most millennials do today, as some type of hippie unorthodox altruism. Spirituality is a connection with our own spirit

Spirituality is intimacy with self. This is why we have vices: Those activities that are habitual – those guilty pleasures, and things we sometimes probably should not do. We engage in them because it gives us a sense of intimacy.

This is why people stay in bad relationships, because even bad intimacy can feel good sometimes. This can also manifest into materialism, egotism and greed. 

We desire it so much that sometimes we can mistake self gratification for intimacy and call that spirituality. 

A true connection with oneself reminds them that all humans are a part of a collective. My well-being is predicated on the well-being of someone who does not necessarily look, think, sound, or act like me.

If you do not think this is a true principle, look no further than racism. World economies were built off the oppression of another people group. Look at the Jewish people in Germany at the rise of Hitler.

He encouraged and engaged in the genocidal treatment of Jewish people for the purpose of bolstering and advancing the Germans. 

We know how to use one another for our own gain, that’s our specialty

Christianity informs me that to truly be intimate with myself I need to care for others as if they are myself. 

Christianity connects me to a higher purpose outside of me, which causes me to live with purpose. It connects me with my true self which is creative energy derived from the God of the universe. 

This is true intimacy.
Spirit, gold and brown walled building interior
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

One of the problems with how Christianity and other spiritual traditions are portrayed by the world is that they are filled with legalism. The world would like us to think that we cannot be a certain way or think a certain way if we subscribe to one of the Abrahamic traditions of spiritual belief. 

As it relates to Christianity, that could not be further from the truth. 

Christians have the right to be themselves, whoever they are. The only thing that is required of a Christian is that they are open to changing their minds

Spirituality is inescapable. We all have a spirit. It’s the only thing we cannot program into a computer. The one thing we constantly seek to try to understand. It’s our spirits that make us human in the first place; Our bodies are just the best way for us to express the fullness of the spirit within us. 

When we begin to change our minds and believe that we are spiritual beings having a physical experience we open ourselves up to true intimacy.  

The problem is that the world separates us and tries to hide and suppress this truth. Imagine how different America would be if instead of instantly judging me as less than, when a white person saw a black man walking down the street, they saw themselves – they saw their equal. 

This is what Christ teaches us, that regardless of who you are, what you may have done, or why you may have done it, you can still live a fulfilling life. 

The world and specifically western culture says a fulfilled life does not start until at least $75,000 but Christianity says that fulfillment starts with our spirit, and the only thing that can ever truly fulfill us with all of the love and intimacy that we need is God our Father, spirit of the universe. 

So in a nutshell that’s why I am Christian. It honestly just makes sense to me. And unfortunately for a lot of people it does not. 

I treat my faith as if it is a light and a beacon in darkness. I want to shine as bright as I can to remind myself of who I am, remind others of who they are, and get those who are unsure of themselves to change their minds about who they think they are. 

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