What to do When you are Frustrated

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I am frustrated. I do not want to be, but I do not know how not to be either. This is when frustration usually appears in your life. What do you do when you have done everything you can? It is not your fault when life decides to start working against you; but it is your fault if you decide to start working against life.

Frustration happens when you are in total alignment and yet and still there is no breakthrough. It is a rather pragmatic issue. If you are doing everything within your power, and things are still not working in your favor, the first thing anyone would tend to do is dissect what the issue is.

Sometimes however, even after dissecting the issue and trying to understand why your efforts are seemingly fruitless, you still come up with nothing. Have you ever tried putting something together, and you do not have all the materials you need, but you do not find out until halfway through the build? When you are frustrated, building on progress can be one of the most difficult things you could do.

Why would anyone keep working at something that is obviously not working/producing anything? There is no answer aside from hope and passion.
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If you genuinely want something you must want every aspect of that thing. That means the ups and the downs, the valleys, and the mountains. What do you do when you do not know what to do? Keep doing what you are doing. I know, it is a tough pill to swallow, and not the answer that I would want to hear, but once again this is a pragmatic issue.

The first thing to address is your perception of the situation. What is the source of your frustration? For me, right now it is that I feel limited. I feel as though my options are few.

After Identifying the what, then you must uncover the why. For me that would look like exposing and exploring the root of me feeling limited. After the why is revealed the next thing to do is to discover the how. How can you mitigate your frustration?

Look for help Outside Yourself

What happens is, the root of our frustration more often then not is a clear and concise issue without a clear and concise resolution. What this means is, you may not be able to solve this problem on your own. In this type of circumstance, all you can do, is all that you can do.

Frustration is a practical problem that requires an outside intervention. Not only can we not do life by ourselves, we cannot solve all our problems by ourselves either. Even Superman has the Justice League. Being in community can be a great resource in a moment of frustration.

You can discuss your thoughts, receive new perspective, and come to new resolutions. Coaches, mentors, and accountability partners are great in times like these as well. Sometimes, in moments of frustration, we really just need to take a moment to vent.

Do not neglect your right to “complain”. I put complain in quotations because a moment of emotional release should not devolve into a bash session. You are not discontent in your circumstance; you are distressed by it. Sometimes your will to grow is larger than your capacity. You are ready to climb the mountain, but you cannot find where the trail starts.

It is Okay be Angry

In these moments it is important to express your anger.  Find a safe space whether that be in a journal, a friend, a family member, a blog, a podcast, or a YouTube channel; and release how you feel. Blogging is such a release for me because, not only do I get to express myself freely, but I also get to help others in the process. Processing frustrations was one of the reasons I considered blogging in the first place.

Getting your feelings off your chest is important for a myriad of reasons. When you harbor anger, you allow resentment to grow. Expressing your negative emotions allows you to be free in your feelings. At the end of the day, the last thing you should want, is to feel as though you are not in control of yourself.

Letting go of your negative emotions will also help you problem solve better. I personally cannot think straight when my mind is cluttered. When you emote your gripes, you allow yourself to free up some of your mental capacity so that you can begin to process things more logically again.

Ask for What you Want

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Do not be afraid to ask for what you want. The good thing about being frustrated about something is, that in most cases, you know what you want/need to relieve you of your discomfort. Do not be afraid to ask for it. Part of activating the law of attraction in your life is asking for what you desire.

In the bible it says:

Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. For everyone who asks receives; the one who seeks finds; and to the one who knocks, the door will be opened.

Mathew 7:7-8

If you find yourself frustrated; do not hesitate to ask God/the universe for relief. The Universe is conspiring for you not against you. Feeling frustrated is part of the growing process. The good news is, God wants to see you grow.

IF you are living in alignment yet find yourself in a place of frustration; express those feelings. Do not deviate from the plan; and remember that life is here to shape you, not break you. You are a spiritual being having a physical experience. You can have anything you believe you are worthy of receiving.

Tap into your why power and push forward. The frustration will pass, and when it does, the breakthrough on the other side will be too marvelous to comprehend!

Unsure if whether or not you are living in alignment? Well let me ask you, are you living in such a way where your mind, body, and spirit, are all fulfilled? No this is not a trick question. It is very possible for you to live a life that perpetually satisfies your entire being; and not just one that may provide happy moments but is ultimately lacking.  Join my Re-Alignment Boot Camp course to learn how to create a solid foundation in your life on which you can build your dreams on. Click here to learn more!

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