About Life with Ken

Life with Ken is a lifestyle brand focused on helping people live confidently. We believe that if you can be true to yourself, then you can live in a way that is reflective of who you really are. Not just that though; Because after you start living authentically, Life with Ken wants to help you live amazingly!

This is accomplished with the help of the various products and services that we have to offer. In addition to the blog which covers topics such as lifestyle, health and wellness, and mindset; Life with Ken also offers Life Coaching and Online Courses. The coaching and courses are designed to help you put into practice the change(s) needed that you can identify in your life; from reading the various articles available as well as through the other content accessible on the website.  

Growth is a proactive process and here at Life with Ken we want to help facilitate that journey. This is our mission because we know that a growing person(s) is a happy person(s). So many times, in life, people make decisions that only affect their perceived experience. The material things you purchase, the new job you take, or even your spouse is a lot of times the byproduct of wherever in life you settle.

If you can learn to grow past the limitations of your lived experience and see that the real things affecting you are the things that are intangible, then you will begin to make and see fruitful change in your life. The conceptualization of this is the difference between a lateral move in life, and one that takes you to the next level.

Hi, my name is Kenneth Wyche, and I run Life with Ken.
about life with ken

I created this ecosystem to fulfil the desires of my heart. The word “desire” means “of the father”. We all have a calling on our lives, and mine is to help you achieve yours. Life with Ken is about you choosing to do life with me.

This all started back in 2019. I had just graduated college with my Master’s in Psychology; and I was out in the world looking for gainful employment. I landed a role in sales where I was able to leverage my people skills… Then the pandemic hit.

When Covid-19 started in early 2020 I was laid off. But the fact that I needed something to do with my life never changed. I started this website as an escape from my reality, but soon realized that I was on the verge of something greater.

I started building and developing Life with Ken into what it is today. It was a passion project for me. Every time I would try to walk away it would just keep calling me back. Every time things got difficult; Life with Ken was there.

Eventually this endeavor became a foundation in my life. It was at this point that I realized that I needed to practice what I preach and align myself with the truths that I write about here daily.

Over the course of this website’s existence, I have developed a Life Coaching program, a phenomenal structure for online learning, and an excellent newsletter for subscribers to enjoy. This ecosystem has been and continues to constantly grow.  

Life with Ken is a culmination of my lived experiences laid out before you; so that, you can get to know me more; But also, and more importantly, gain relevant understanding in relation to the things going on in your life.

This site’s ultimate goal is to develop a robust community of people who want to and are actively engaged with becoming better.

My personal story is one of you do not have to be limited to where or what you come from. Regardless of your history, as long as you are alive, you can get better. We only go two directions in life: forward or nowhere. You have the power to decide where you settle.

The good news is, when you get better, the things around you will get better as well. You are a conduit. Whatever is attracted to you, is emanating from you.

When you put a healthy and positive lifestyle and mindset out into the world, that is what will come chasing you down!

The problem is there are various barriers keeping you from realizing the fullness of your potential. Here at Life with Ken I help you identify those road blocks on your journey to self-fulfillment and then show you what you can do about them.

I want you to be successful. Success is an equation: Hard Work + Luck. What people do not tell you is that you also have to multiply that by “Support”. One of the biggest killers of dreams is a lack of support. Life with Ken is designed in a way so that you do not have to do life completely alone. A good support system can change the trajectory of your entire life. Let me be part of that system for you.

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